Jordanís first private TV station launches
Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

ATV, Jordanís first private TV station will begin its official broadcast today. The announcement was made yesterday during a press conference held at the stationís headquarters .

The station will provide its viewers with an array of films, Arabic and foreign dramas, cultural programmes and news bulletins, according to an ATV statement. Around 35-40 per cent of ATVís content will be dedicated to news bulletins, and the station will also air childrenís and family entertainment programmes, as well as sports events.

ďATVís mission is to entertain, inform and contribute to the development of a professional press culture in the Arab world,Ē the statement said, adding that by focusing on local affairs as its competitive edge, it will be closer and more relevant to Jordanian viewers.

(Source: Jordan Times)

Tuning information:

* Nilesat 102
* 353 degrees East
* Freq: 12303
* Pol: H
* Symbol Rate: 27500