Iraq: Insurgent Al-Zawraa TV no longer observed
Monday, July 30th, 2007

Al-Zawraa TVAl-Zawraa TV, the pro-Sunni satellite television channel known for showing footage of insurgent attacks on US-led coalition forces is no longer being observed on the Arabsat-owned Badr 3 satellite by BBC Monitoring.

The station has not been observed on its last known frequency (Badr 3 at 26 degrees east, 11766MHz horizontal polarization) since 30 July. A Baghdad-based BBC correspondent noted that the station was off the air on 27 July. The station had previously apologized to viewers via an on-screen caption over the interruption to its signal on 17 July, which it claimed was caused by jamming.

Al-Zawraa TV, owned by Mishan Al-Juburi, the former Iraqi MP who was sentenced to 15 years in prison in his absence on corruption charges, was banned by the Iraqi government in November 2006 for inciting violence and murder. The station is believed to have moved its production and uplink facilities outside Iraq and has been known to broadcast via a number of different satellites.

The station has been known to have broadcast via satellites operated by Riyadh-based Arabsat, Cairo-based Nilesat and Paris-based Eutelsat. All transmissions of Al-Zawraa TV observed by BBC Monitoring are now believed to have closed.

(Source: BBC Monitoring research 30 Jul 07)