dreamCAST V0.2 - listen to your favorit radio stations

dreamCAST ist ein dreamnetcast clone. Schaut Euch die Dokumenation an um mehr zz erfahren.
ACHTUNG: dreamCAST, gibt Infos auf das Display aus. Ich weiss nicht was passiert, wenn dreamCAST auf Boxen ohne Display eingesetzt wird. Ich kann dies leider nicht testen.(locatie originala aici )
download here: dreamcast_v02.zip - 0.17MB
The english readme for dreamcast.

dreamCAST –a Dreamnetcast/Streamripper clone
Version 0.2
Build 20-07-2007

Please note: dreamCASAT use the diplayof your dream. I don't know that happens if your dream have no diplay. Be careful.

dreamCAST is a plugin for all E1 Images. It should work with the most Images around. The functionality of dreamCAST is nearly the same as the build-in dreamnetcast/streamripper function of current [Moderator] Fremdimage, verstoesst gegen die Boardregeln [/Moderator] Image.

The filesystem of dreamCAST.
dreamCAST needs some files to work corret. For clearness, dreamCAST needs a config directory. There all the needed files are placed.

dreamcast.conf the main config file of dreamcast
stations.xml here radio stations will be saved (read only)
dreamstations.xml also for saving radio stations (read/write)
genrelist.xml your own genre list for dreamcast
dreamcast.mvi your own background picture fort he minimized mode

You can modify these files at your own.

dreamripper the streamripper clone, called dreamripper
dreamcast.so the GUI for controlling the streams and dreamripper
dreamcast.cfg the config file of enigma for dreamcast

Learn more about the files and it’s use.

The ripper itself, will be controlled with the plugin. The ripper is a executable file and can also used as a standalone version.

The plugin to control the shoutcast download and the ripper.

The enigma plugin config file.

The dreamcast.so and the dreamripper config file. Both programs use this config file
It look like this


RIPPER where dreamCAST could find freamripper
RIPDIR directory to write the mp3 to
MYSTATIONFILE save your own radio stations here
MYPLAYLISTFILE no function yet. 
MYGENREFILE your own genre list for shoutcast search
DREAMPIC your own background picture to be used in the minimized mode

stations.xml + dreamstations.xml
both files could be edited for you. The files should look like this.
Stations.xml is read only and dreamstations.xml is read/write.
Dreamcast will store your favourite radio stations here.

<station name="<Name des Radiosenders>"
<station name=

your own genre list. It should look like this.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding='UTF-8' standalone="yes"?>

<genre name="Alternative"></genre>
<genre name="Classical"></genre>

your own background picture tobe used in the minimized mode. Please note the the file format (.mvi)

The handling of dreamCAST

At the top you will find all flieds for controlling the shoutcast streams. You can select your own genre in the dropdown menu. (genrelist.xml) At the moment you select a stream, dreamCAST try to download the radio stream list and show it for you in the listbox below. The flied in the middle can be used as a bitrate filter. If you put 0 there, the function is off. For example put 128 in this flied and dreamCAST shows all radio streams equal and bigger as 128 bit.

The listbox shows you the different radio streams you have chosen by a genre. Select your station and press OK. Now dreamCAST tries to download the playlist.
Sometimes this failed, so try another one.
If dreamCAST find a playlist, the button play will be highlighted and you can start playing and/or ripping. Please use the green and the red button for this.
Press blue to get information about the ripping process.
Press yellow to save the selected radio stream to dreamstations.xml.
On the right side of the play button you will find the minimized button. It’s a very small button. If you select this, dreamCAST will switch to the minimize Mode. Try it.

Thanks to.
Very special thanks to all ppl who helped to release this project. Thanks to all for the tips and the code I get. Without your help this project was not possible. Thanks.
Thanks to tissa for the idea to make dreamCAST.
Also thanks to all ppl for beta testing. Thank you all.

If you have any question, bug reports or something else, please contact me.
Greetz tYREL