Midnight Commader 4.6.1 for Gemini3.6

The Midnight COMM functioned only if installed their Gemini3.6 on USB or HDD!

1. by ftp on the Dreambox log in and the file mc461.tar directly into the general statement copy.
2. by telnet log in and the following at the prompt enter: tar x f mc461.tar
3. Telnet session close (importantly).
4. with telnet log in again and at the prompt ' mc ' enter.
5. The file mc461.tar in the general statement delete. ----------------------------------------------
As additional Schmankerl your telnet looks session now somewhat differently (more multicolored). Slope ELT you times by ' CD you ' by the listings, then see you at the prompt into which listing to her you rules.
(traducere cu AltaVista - Babel Fish), locatie originala: http://linuxbox.dvb-z.net/index.php?showtopic=21755

mc461_drdata.zip - 1.66MB
mc_help.zip - 0.04MB