Cuban News Agency starts satellite TV channel
Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Cuba has a new satellite TV channel, Canal ACN. ACN stands for Cuban News Agency in Spanish. The new satellite channel is on Hispasat Id Transponder 79 vertical polarization, and the footprint provides practically total coverage of the Americas with just a small area in the Amazonian region of Brazil that is not covered by the satellite signals.

The signal of Canal ACN at this moment is a television text only type of signal, that is created in Havana using digital technology and then uplinked to the satellite for broadcasting.

In the near future the now text mode signal with accompanying audio background will include graphics too. The main objetive of Canal ACN is to provide Cuban medical doctors and other Cubans providing aid to Latin American and Caribbean nations with up to the minute information and news about Cuba.

The same Hispasat ID transponder also is at this moment broadcasting other Cuban live television channels as well as several radio stations, including Radio Havana Cuba Spanish language programmes , and will soon also include English and other languages too.

(Source: Arnie Coro, Dxers Unlimited, Radio Havana)