Vatican adopts Korean mobile TV platform
Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

The Vatican has decided to embrace the Korean mobile TV platform, T-DMB, as its standard for cell phone-based TV services . The Korean Ministry of Information and Communications said on Friday that Vatican Radio started the pilot run of T-DMB this week across the city state.

“With an encoder offered by us, Vatican Radio launched a test run of T-DMB. The radio station is to embark on full-fledged services in October,” ministry official Lee Jung-gu said.

Italian public broadcaster RAI has also opted for T-DMB rather than DVB-H for its video-on-the-move services. Stefano Ciccotti, chief executive of network provider RAIWay as a subsidiary of RAI, said a nationwide DVB-H network in Italy would have cost 300 million euros ($414 million) but extending the existing T-DMB network in the country would cost just 8 million euros ($11 million). RAIWay plans to start commercial T-DMB services next month with the aim of expanding coverage to more than half of Italy later this year.

Currently, 11 nations across the world have begun commercial T-DMB services and 11 other countries are testing the go-anywhere TV platform.

(Source: Korea Times)