Fausto v1.11 setup HowTo info

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Version 1.11 (18/07/2007)
- ShowTime new Ident include on KEYS.BIN & Fausto_Keys.XML (Folder ..\Fausto\Keys)
- Coding System Others renamed zOthers: noticed when list sorted, and somes viaccess DCW

keys placed in, block other package Viaccess. (example MaxTV on OTHERS coding system block

TPS package -> black screen)
New Name solve the problem.
- DCW keys & Fausto emu: caid 18XX & 0DXX added
- BIN File infos Option modified: now show all KeyType not loaded from Original Stealth BIN

(cf screenshot)
- Possible to create ANY NEW coding system (Modele.XML & KeyLen.ini updated auto)
(cf Video file How to)
- Edit KeyLen.ini file
- Drag any XML/BIN file on Fausto desktop icon & it launch editor & load XML or BIN file

(files not associate)
(cf Video file How to)
- Added XML File Association: double clic on any XML file it launch Fausto & Load XML File
(cf Video file How to)
- Added System Tray icon on minimize application: rigth mouse clic on it activate popup menu
- 6 New video files added on extra pack file (how to)
- New Datas added on Language Files
- Joined KEYS.BIN & Fausto_Keys.XML (Folder ..\Fausto\Keys)
All DCW Providers moved under Coding system zOTHERS
- 10 new theme files added in extra pack file (follow instructions on readme.txt)

File association how to:
1.Select an XML file
2.Press Mouse rigth Clic
3.Clic on Open
4.Tick Radion button "Select a program from a list of installed program"
5.Press Ok button
6.Clic button browse
7.Clic on Fausto folder
8.Select Fausto.exe
9.Clic on Open Button
9.Tick case "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file"
10.Press OK button
When finish, Fausto launched & XML file loaded
Next time just double clic on ANY XML file to run fausto & load xml file

Create New Coding System:
1.Clic on TabSheet "Create Coding System"
2.Clic On "New Coding System"
3.Enter Coding System Name
4.Tick case Update on exit to save datas on Modele.XML & KeyLen.Ini
if modele.xml loaded datas updated added on tree,
In other case select "Diablo CAS List", rigth mouse clic on it, you'll see New Coding System

5.Select "New Key" enter informations concerning this key
Select Existing KeyType or enter new one
Rigth Clic on New Key to add & remove key
Nota: Not Possible to duplicate KeyType & coding system with same name

Delete a Coding System:
1.Load Modele.XML
2.Select Coding to be deleted
3.Press "DEL"
4.Save file
5.Clic on Tabsheet "KeyLen"
6.Delete new KeyType added if not used by others coding system (list sorted)
7.Save file
Attached Thumbnails

Part of Diablo_Keys.txt include under Fausto v1.11
ShowTime Datas Extracted from original firmware Stealth204

how to get SHOWTIME data from original firmware:
1.Download keys.bin from cam
2.Run Fausto v1.11
3.Load Keys.bin just extracted
4.Showtime datas can be found under coding system zOthers
5.Run a second instance of Fausto
6.Load your PERSONNAL XML File
7.Copy the datas on your XML (create new provider under ******2, update caids, provid, keys)

download:New Fausto v1.11 setup

download:New Stealth204