Mongolia TV news now seen daily throughout Asia
Monday, July 16th, 2007

Mongolian television news is now being seen daily throughout Asia. Mongolia’s TV5 has begun contributing regular news feeds to satellite television network AVN, owned by Asiavision. TV5 joined AVN in January but had been unable to contribute news due to technical problems that have now been overcome.

Asaivision has 18 member television stations throughout Asia that have contributed a record 10,000 stories in the past 12 months. The first news show, AVN-1, is transmitted every day from 0830 to 0900 UTC and the second news programme, AVN-2, from 1215 to 1235 UTC.

“The commitment of members has reached new heights over the past year,” Asiavision’s Managing Editor, Alan Williams, said. “The second feed, coming later in the day, enables us to carry a much wider range of same-day coverage. Members have risen to the challenge superbly.”

TV5 is a commercial station which began operations in January 2003. It was the first digital television station in Mongolia.

(Source: Mongolia Web News)