IMDB Info v1.2.8

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The Script reads the current film title in of the box over EPG. The film information becomes subsequently, (RUN TIME, RATING, CATEGORY...) by caught up and at the TV screen represented. No accurate agreement is found, to first six titles to the selection are indicated. The Script can be called with or without parameters. As parameter a film title or an IMDB ID is expected. Will no parameter indicated is picked out that up-to-date film titles of the box.
e.g.: /imdbinfo "The 40 Year old Virgin" /imdbinfo tt0133093 /imdbinfo



A condition: wget, sed, msgbox and an InterNet binding is needed. For testing, Script simply via ftp is /tmp listing copies and with Telent of rights sets: chmod 700 imdbinfo If one starts the Script manually via telnet, overlay the msgbox Tastenbelegung also the integrated Dbox Tastenbelegung, which happened not if the Script as Plugin is integrated. The Script can be rather simply e.g. inserted with shell EXEC as menu option.

(Scuze pt. traducerea !)