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Thread: new mct keys

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    Default new mct keys

    0500:021500:223E:0020:12A1::6F8DA4A0258DF4A635FD96 C83A8A8448; MCT Asian/Ultra
    0500:023b00:223b:0024:19C7::03A97C28CBCE019AD73AAC BD4EBDECF7; MCT Plus/Glamour
    0500:021500:223A:002E:19CA::08F62523EAAE36CE80F22D 9F7DB794C8; MCT Fantasy
    0500:023b00:2243:0034:19EF::740BF6753AB43B29D884A3 FFD2C3079C; MCT Elegance
    0500:023b00:2217:002c:1B02::A9BB94F8EDEA835A08B285 3FB5482A27; MCT SCT
    0500:023b00:223d:002d:1B03::A088678FECE8DEB292FE07 975F3CF18C; MCT Sόper
    0500:023b00:2210:002f:1B07::99A682C19073F1F4A1E951 DB05A1690F; MCT Amateur
    0500:023b00:2218:0028:1B0A::94379C67B1064C03F7316F 97B13C1C09; MCT Gay

    0500:002217:0000000000:2C:A9BB94F8EDEA835A08B2853F B5482A27 Mct Sct
    0500:00223D:0000000000:2D:A088678FECE8DEB292FE0797 5F3CF18C Mct Super
    0500:002218:0000000000:28:94379C67B1064C03F7316F97 B13C1C09 Mct ***
    0500:00223B:0000000000:24:03A97C28CBCE019AD73AACBD 4EBDECF7 Mct Plus
    0500:002210:0000000000:2F:99A682C19073F1F4A1E951DB 05A1690F Mct Amateur
    0500:00223E:0000000000:20:6F8DA4A0258DF4A635FD96C8 3A8A8448 Mct Asia
    0500:00223A:0000000000:2E:08F62523EAAE36CE80F22D9F 7DB794C8 Mct Fantasy
    0500:002243:0000000000:34:740BF6753AB43B29D884A3FF D2C3079C Mct Elegance
    0500:002239:0000000000:27: DBEA22E7380B8CCFC62C9688 CDC814A9 Mct Gay

    F 223D129E 00 A088678FECE8DEB2 MCT Super
    F 223D129E 01 92FE07975F3CF18C MCT Super
    F 223E12A1 00 6F8DA4A0258DF4A6 MCT Asia
    F 223E12A1 01 35FD96C83A8A8448 MCT Asia
    F 221019A0 00 99A682C19073F1F4 MCT Amateur
    F 221019A0 01 A1E951DB05A1690F MCT Amateur
    F 221719A4 00 A9BB94F8EDEA835A MCT Sct
    F 221719A4 01 08B2853FB5482A27 MCT Sct
    F 221819C4 00 94379C67B1064C03 MCT ***
    F 221819C4 01 F7316F97B13C1C09 MCT ***
    F 223B19C7 00 03A97C28CBCE019A MCT Plus/Glamour
    F 223B19C7 01 D73AACBD4EBDECF7 MCT Plus/Glamour
    F 223A19CA 00 08F62523EAAE36CE MCT Fantasy
    F 223A19CA 01 80F22D9F7DB794C8 MCT Fantasy
    F 224319EF 00 740BF6753AB43B29 MCT Elegance
    F 224319EF 01 D884A3FFD2C3079C MCT Elegance
    F 223919C1 00 DBEA22E7380B8CCF MCT Gay
    F 223919C1 01 C62C9688CDC814A9 MCT Gay

    B 2217 00 A9BB94F8EDEA835A08B2853FB5482A27 Mct Sct
    B 223D 00 A088678FECE8DEB292FE07975F3CF18C Mct Super
    B 2218 00 94379C67B1064C03F7316F97B13C1C09 Mct ***
    B 223B 00 03A97C28CBCE019AD73AACBD4EBDECF7 Mct Plus
    B 2210 00 99A682C19073F1F4A1E951DB05A1690F Mct Amateur
    B 223E 00 6F8DA4A0258DF4A635FD96C83A8A8448 Mct Asian
    B 223A 00 08F62523EAAE36CE80F22D9F7DB794C8 Mct Fantasy
    B 2243 00 740BF6753AB43B29D884A3FFD2C3079C Mct Elegance
    B 2239 00 DBEA22E7380B8CCFC62C9688CDC814A9 Mct Gay

    that..are..the..keys r?
    id 7001
    key 00: 6A 66 B1 8C 6D 21 7A 10
    key 01: 37 A2 64 96 49 58 60 E4 ke..polsat?

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    Default so?




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