I would like to seek your kind assistance regarding the following.

My STB SRX 6200CU details
Hardware version 5119
Software module VG
software version 2.3.84
Last update 15/06/07 when purchased

I made a back up of my STB with loader version 3.1.05
Next I tried to update my STB from satdw site with dld file dated 23rd june starsat_5119_star_emu_2.3.84_all.dld
The upgrade failed & i received a message saying indent check failed
Please advice.

I am not able to input keys manually for this STB
Some friends said try!
0 & then menu also 1234 & then menu both steps ain't working.

I am aware that there is a sticky thread for Star sat & I request Cogil & Yan to move this after I get experts opinion.