HDTV: 148m homes by 2011

The worldwide market for high-definition TV (HDTV) is forecast to grow strongly over the next four years, with satellite remaining the dominant method of reception. The market is forecast by IMS Research to grow to nearly 148 million HDTV households by 2011, with nearly 41 per cent of those households receiving HDTV programming via satellite.

According to the IMS report, entitled "The Future of High-Definition TV - 2007 Edition," the growth in satellite HDTV households over the next four years will be largely driven by the US and Western Europe. In Western Europe in particular, the slow advancement of digital cable in recent years has helped position satellite as the most common method of receiving pay-HDTV. Recent consolidation of the cable TV markets in several countries is expected to aid European cable HDTV growth over the long term.

This is in direct contrast to the cable-centric US market, where the advancement of digital cable and heavy promotion of triple-play and advanced services are expected to keep cable dominant in the US HDTV market through 2011.