Paris, 20 June 2007

Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) and Digiturk, have signed a new contract for capacity on the W3A satellite to support continued expansion of Turkey’s leading pay-TV platform. The new contract, concluded for four years, is the third signed between Eutelsat and Digiturk since November 2006. It takes to 11 the total number of transponders leased for broadcasting services by Digiturk on Eutelsat's satellites.

Launched in 2000 from Eutelsat's 7 degrees East position, Digiturk’s platform benefits from the high-power regional footprint on Eutelsat's W3A satellite in order to reach 1.6 million subscribing satellite homes across Turkey. In addition to its reach of Turkey, Digiturk offers pay-TV services across Europe and also uses capacity on ATLANTIC BIRD™ 1 for contribution links back to its studios in Istanbul.

The pay-TV platform serving Turkey today offers more than 150 television, radio and interactive channels incorporating national and international programming. Channels recently joining the platform include Disney Channel Turkey, which has signed a contract with Digiturk for exclusive carriage of Disney Channel Turkey which began broadcasting on April 29. Digiturk is also preparing for the introduction later in 2007 of new HDTV and Video on Demand services through its capacity on W3A.

“Eutelsat has been the unique satellite provider for Digiturk since it launched into the pay-TV market in 2000,” said Olivier Milličs-Lacroix, Eutelsat’s Commercial Director “We are very pleased to further strengthen this relationship through additional capacity on our W3A satellite which is optimised for Direct-to-Home reception via its unique footprint which reaches into Digiturk’s core markets.”

( Source: Eutelsat )