Digital terrestrial homes outnumber satellite homes in UK
Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

The number of homes using Freeview, the free-to-air digital television service, on the main TV set has overtaken the number of satellite broadcaster BSkyB’s subscribers, UK media regulator Ofcom said today.

In a report, Ofcom said more than 80 percent of British homes had digital television on the main set by the end of the March, as the country prepares for the digital switchover due to start later this year. The report said Freeview was on the main set in 8.4 million homes, up from 7.7 million at the end of December. BSkyB has 8 million UK subscribers.

The report said 3.4 million subscribers were taking cable television, its highest level of take-up in almost five years, and 62,000 homes were receiving television over broadband, an increase of 44 percent on the previous quarter. The government wants to start turning off analogue transmission signals in some areas of Britain during 2007 and complete the switchover by 2012.

(Source: Reuters)