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    Default A aparut DaVinci4 dreambox 7000 sau 7020(miniroot)

    Pentru cine doreste sa o incerce, poate fi descarcata de aici :

    Image for FLASH / USB / HDD / NFS

    - Kernel and Modules 2.6.9 (1.09_1b)
    - Enigma 1.09 - CVS updated to 31/05/2005, modified by SDT
    - BusyBox v1.00 final

    This image, if installed in flash, will update your Frontprocessor to Vers. 1.6

    What's new in DaVinci4


    Combine each emu to a channel or provider.
    The image, while zapping, will select automatically the bound emu to the current channel
    or provider.
    This option is "smart": if the channel transmits in FTA, the definition of the bound emu will
    be ignored, to provide a faster zapping speed.
    This allows to bind the most emus directly to provider, cause the FTA-Channels of that bouquet
    will be however free of emu-switch.


    Powerful option that performs automatic zapping to EPG-Channel (defined by user, default is : ALICE),
    and permits to select only desired channels from the complete list of channels contained in the bouquet.
    It's enough to select them by checked-sign and push "download" to get their EPG saved in epg.dat
    (that will have considerably smaller size, proportional to the count of selected channels, easier
    manageable and viewable trough EPG-GUI 2.01).
    Furthermore, trough the Setup-Window, it's possible to define the EPG automatic daily download at
    predefined time: the Dreambox (even on stand-by, it's not necessary to let it on) will do the
    operations automatically, saving a log-file in "/var/SDT/epgwiz.log", that is useful to check
    log of the last performed download.


    With DaVinci4 it's possible to define a dauly time-window for activating parental control,
    also applicable to vision of recordings on HDD. The definition will be made directly by setup
    of the parental control (Menu-Key -> 6 -> 5) on Enigma.
    Inside the programmed time, parental control will be active for all blocked channels/recordings
    (that are shown by a lock on channels-list), while during the rest of the day the block will be
    deactivated, without additional user's doing, providing free zapping.

    SDT unique features:

    - Time Controlled Parental Control - define your protection-activation daily timetable
    - EPG Wizard - download only the channels of your choice total automatically
    - Flash erase via Remote Control
    - FlashWizard Remote: FW program inside the box!
    - Smart_Init: install flash image with auto-setup!
    - usb stick also available from /usb (just like /hdd)
    - Display stream infos on OSD
    - SDT shell boot window

    - SDT Boss Panel (blue key), upgradable from internet
    - New SDT menu (yellow key)
    - Latest SDT news display
    - Display Signal-To-Noise Ratio on OSD
    - Display stream infos on OSD
    - Display channel encryption(s) on OSD
    - Display current Emu on OSD
    - Internet download of addons
    - Manual install of addons from /tmp
    - Addons manager, installer and uninstaller
    - Place addons on USB or HDD
    - Check /var place, and available free space
    - SWAP file advanced setup from Boss Panel
    - OSD timeout configurable from SDT menu
    - HDD configuration (sleep and acoustic) from menu
    - Gnome 4:3 and 16:9 skins, mod. by SDT
    - Emuboss is now totally software configurable
    - CIFS included
    - SAMBA included
    - Reiserfs is optional and dowlodable from Addons-Download
    - All libs updated
    - Complete busybox (nc, netstat, renice, cut, and more...)
    - Auto-recognition of install place, flash or multiboot
    - Automount disc/part1 usb stick
    - Autoclean core files on hdd
    - Added "restart enigma" (hot restart) on shutdown menu
    - Tetris game included

    - This firmware contains no emus and no keys -

    All Other Addons Available From Direct Download!



    - FlashWizard Remote
    A FlashWizard program inside the box, with full "SmartSettings copy" available.
    You can install/remove images without windows program:
    FTP one (or more) images into /usb or /hdd, then choose the install device, and
    SmartSettings enable/disable.... done!
    Useful option for all linux/macintosh friends, who like to use FlashWizard
    outside Windows o.s.

    - Smart_Init
    DaVinci Tertia can initialize itself automatically at boot!
    You can install this image (even if on flash), and have it
    full configured with your custom settings even at first boot.
    How to do this:
    1) create a directory /usb/SDT/smart_init ( or /hdd/SDT/smart_init )
    2) copy into that directory your favourite settings (likra, pet, comax, etc.etc.)
    (make sure to copy all the settings files, included satellites.xml)
    Put just files there, do not put folders.
    3) also copy there the "config" file, taken from a properly configured image
    (copy it from /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/config )
    4) Done.

    DaVinci Tertia will boot up and auto-configure itself with all your
    settings: favourites, channel lists, language, network, video, etc.etc.
    On flash-erase, or new install, the image will check if smart_init folder
    exists, and re-initialize itself automatically with your favourite set-up.
    Very useful option for all rotor/multi-lnb users.
    No more loooong setup from scratch at every install.

    Toate cele bune.

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    Nu e pt. 7020, ca e .img. E adevarat, poate merge si pe 7020, dar pt. cei care au miniroot, iar asta e cu totul altceva... Poate schimbi titlul topicului, nu de alta, dar mi-a sarit inima..
    DM800PVR-250GB, offset 1,8 m, LNB Invacom 0,3 dB, pozitioner Diseqc 1.0-1.2 Vbox II
    Gemini2 Project 3.80

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    A "avea" miniroot" pe un 7020, nu cred ca reprezinta ceva "extraordinar", e precum flashwizardu' ptr 7000 (care functioneaza si el excelent si pe 7020), tocmai deaceea am pus in titlu ambele dreamuri.
    Oricum am sa modific.
    Toate cele bune.



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