South Korea to end analogue TV broadcasts
Friday, May 25th, 2007

South Korea will discontinue analogue television broadcasting by the end of 2012 at the latest and will allow only digital services thereafter, the finance ministry said today. The transition will cost 2.35 trillion won (US$2.5 billion; euro1.86 billion), of which TV stations will need to invest 2.24 trillion won (US$2.4 billion; euro1.78 billion), the ministry said in a statement.

South Korean television stations, which have offered both analogue and digital TV services since October 2001, will be asked to phase out their terrestrial analog broadcasting over the next five years, the ministry said. “High-definition digital TVs offer better viewing quality and interactive services,” it said.

The digital transition will also help create 980,000 jobs and add US$38.7 billion (euro28.78 billion) to the country’s exports, the ministry said. The ministry will submit legislation outlining the transition in July.

(Source: Business Week)