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    Default ALLIANZ Arena München

    Azi se inaugureaza Alianz Arena din München.
    Pe acest stadion se va juca meciul de deschidere la campionatul mondial din anul viitor.Aici vreau sa va dau unele mici detalii despre acest stadion unic in lume:

    2 Berarii au dreptul sa vinda bere pe acest stadion(Paulaner shiHackerPschorr.
    2,90 Euro o cola de 0,4l.
    5 Euro costa parcarea pe cele 11000 de locuri de parcare
    15 To cintareshte fiecare video panou care au o marime de 7,2 x 12,8m.
    28 de Kioshcuri 2 sali pentru Fani a cite 1400 de locuri.
    54 Kasse de bilete
    48 suporturi din otel (7000 To )
    80 de locuri sint in Arestul stadionului
    90 camere de supravegere
    106 Loge a cite 40qm.
    154 de difuzoare instalate la 48m inaltzime shi emit 158 000 Watt.
    258m. lung 227m. lat shi 50m. inaltzime are stadionul care are o capacitate de 66 000 de locuri.
    2874 de perini cu aer acopera stadionul iar in 1056 sint instalate 4250 de becuri care lumineaza in roshu,albastru shi alb acestea ilumineaza cele 24 000 de metri patratzi.
    120 000 merti cubi de beton,22 000tone otzel sau folosit .

    Shi toata frumusetzea asta de stadion a costat 340 000 000 EURO

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    Superba! Ma uit la meci si nu-mi vine sa cred ce minunatie au facut nemtii. La ce distanta e de oras?
    Totdeauna gasesti ceva de invatat

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    Default grusse aus muenchen

    E la 14 min distanta din centru cu metroul.Momentan la marginea orasului,de fapt chiar unde are statie Eurolinesul,Frottmaning.

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    Munich's leading football clubs FC Bayern and TSV 1860 each have a half share in Munich Stadium GmbH, the company charged with constructing the Allianz Arena. Joint managing directors are Bernd Rauch and Peter Kerspe.

    General Information

    Start of Construction
    Foundation stone laid on 21 October 2002

    66,000 covered seats
    Lower Tier: 20,000 seats
    Middle Tier: 24,000 seats
    Upper Tier: 22,000 seats
    North and South Stands: Vario-Seats, convertible to standing areas
    2,200 press and business seats
    106 VIP boxes accommodating 1,374 guests
    200 special seats for the disabled at main entrance/exterior ground level (no change of level)

    Parking Facilities
    9,800 parking places in four x four-storey Esplanade car parks (the biggest in Europe)
    1,200 parking places on two levels in the stadium
    350 coach places (240 to the north and 110 to the south of the Esplanade)

    Gastronomy and Megastores, Kids’ Club, club shops
    · Office and conference facilities
    · Spacious media facilities
    · 7,000 sq. metres devoted to food service, including:
    - 28 kiosks
    - 2 Fan restaurants: the TSV 1860 restaurant in the North stand and the Bayern restaurant in the South stand, each seating 1,000
    - Restaurant a la Carte seating 400
    - 1 press cafeteria seating 350

    Mixed Zone – 520 m2
    Offices and conference rooms
    Well-appointed media area
    Childcare facility
    55 ticket booths
    Shopping facilities
    Changing Rooms: 4 for players (FC Bayern, TSV 1860, 2 x visitors), 4 for coaches, 2 for referees
    2 warm-up halls, each approx 110 m2

    Pitch and Stands
    Playing surface: 68 m x 105 m, total surface: 72 m x 111 m
    Total surface (barrier to barrier): 120 m x 83 m
    Spectator distance from field: 7.5 m minimum
    Pitchside barrier height: approx 1.2 m
    Seat row gradients:
    - Lower tier: approx 24°
    - Middle tier: approx 30°
    - Upper tier: approx 34°
    2 x 100 m2 LED Video Walls in 16:9 format, 42.5 m above ground.
    232 floodlights, 45 m high

    Dimensions – Allianz Arena and Esplanade
    Stadium dimensions: 258 m x 227 m x 50 m
    - 7 levels
    - Circumference: 840 m
    - Façade and roof: 64,000 m2 in total, comprising inflated panels
    - Roof: 38,000 m2
    - Façade: 26,000 m2
    - Illuminated area (three colours available); 24,000 m2
    - Area occupied by stadium: 37,600 m2
    - Total site area: 171,000 m m2
    Esplanade dimensions: 543 m x 136 m x 0-12 m
    - 4 levels
    - Circumference: 1,358 m
    - Covered area: approx 73,900 m2

    Detailed Figures
    2,874 rhomboidal inflated ETFE foil panels form the 64,000 m2 roof and façade
    Biggest membrane shell in the world
    Data on the ETFE foil (Ethylene Tetrafluoro-ethylene):
    - Thickness: 0.2 mm
    - Weight: 350 g/ m2
    - Longitudinal/transverse tensile strength: 52/52 N/mm2
    - Longitudinal/transverse tensile stress at 10% elongation: 21/21 N/mm2
    - Longitudinal/transverse elongation at breaking point: 600/600 %
    - Longitudinal/transverse tear-growth resistance (within rhomboid): 430/430 N/mm
    - UV transparency: 95%
    - Visible light transparency: 93%
    - Colour: transparent (roof area), translucent white (rest of façade)
    - 1,437 non-standard panels:
    - Length: approx 4 to 8 m
    - Maximum width: approx 2 to 4.25 m
    - Maximum diagonal length: approx 16 m
    Fans keep the panels inflated at a constant pressure of 0.035 bar
    In case of snowfall, 12 pressure-monitoring points ensure the correct pressure adjustments to allow for snow up to 1.6 m.
    Lifespan approx 25 years, non-flammable, exceptionally resistant to heat and cold, self-cleans with rain
    19 panels at the 51.41 m level can be opened to ensure proper ventilation Each of these special hydraulic panels can carry up to 8 t and has a wind pressure resistance of 22 t

    Façade lighting
    1,056 (of 2,874) illuminated panels (in white, red or blue)
    Total area lit: 24,000 m2
    4,250 individual lights
    Each panel has 4 identical lights (installed in pairs between two lens shaped panels)
    25,344 long-life fluorescent tubes with a lifespan of 8,000 hours
    Total power: approx. 1.47 MW
    Each 3.5 m long lamp unit contains 6 long-life fluorescent tubes (58W) and 3 starters
    Red, blue and transparent lenses in each unit allow colour changes
    An asymmetric parabolic mirror ensures uniform illumination of each panel
    Consumption when fully lit: 506 KWh
    Electricity for the stadium is supplied by 5 transformers
    Façade lighting required 100 km cabling
    Lighting changes extend over two minutes to avoid incidents on the motorway Allianz Arena logo mounted on north and south sides
    - 12 blue and white illuminated letters each weighing 250-500 kg
    - Composition: steel, tin, aluminium, transparent plastic
    - Biggest LED display in Europe (100,000 individual LEDs)
    - Mounted on a 40 m long steel frame

    Roof Structure
    Total area: 38,000 m2
    Primary roof structure (60%):
    - 48 radial main beams, approx 65 m long and weighing up to 106 t
    - Total of 5,300 t S355 steel
    Secondary roof structure (cross beams, 40%)
    - Forms a rhomboidal ‘steel net’ within which the panels are supported
    - In the form of rectangular tubing 180 mm x 180 mm x 5-16 mm
    - Total of 3,400 t S355 steel
    50 m high free floating construction
    Maximum load bearing stress, own weight plus full load of snow at centre: 5,000 kN (~ 500 t)
    Maximum load bearing stress at edge: 3,300 kN (~ 300 t)
    Deflection under load at edge with full snow load and wind: 55 cm
    Roof panels have a transparent inner surface
    Retractable internal roof (blind and theatre usage) opened and closed by 51 electric motors

    Stadium and Esplanade structure
    Concrete used in stadium: approx. 120,000 m3
    Steel used in stadium: approx. 22,000 t
    Foundations: 180 t, size of a family house, loading up to 1,500 t
    350 inclined supporting pillars, 50 to each level:
    - Supporting pillars (cross-section: 65 cm, length: 6 m) have maximum bearing load of 10,000 kN (~1,000 t)
    8 stairwells, 15 cascade stairways at intervals of 45 m
    External façade (under inflated panels):
    - Area: approx. 12,000 m2, glazed area: approx. 5,000 m2
    Internal façade (Business Club):
    - Area: approx. 3,000 m2, glazed area: approx. 2,000 m2
    - 2,446 pre-cast elements
    - 3,985 stair elements laid on terraces
    - 132, 000 drill holes for the 66,000 seats
    Esplanade (4 car parks each on 4 levels):
    - Frame construction (supports and bracing beams)
    - Floor area: 270,000 m2
    - Concrete: 85,000 m3
    - Steel: 14,000 t
    - Structural steel: 1,400 t
    Promenade (asphalted main connecting level)
    - Area: 28,000 m2 floor area with 8,50 m ceilings
    - 1,033 pre-cast sections on 128 pillars and 88 load bearing points
    - External circumference: approx. 1,200 m

    · Dimensions: Playing surface 68 m x 105 m, total surface 72 m x 111 m, surface area of 8,000 m2
    · Dimensions per roll: 2.2 m x 15 m
    Weight per roll: 1.2 t
    · Depth per roll: 30 mm thick "Power Turf"
    · Total number of rolls: approximately 250
    · Time required: 20 truckloads delivered every hour, on the hour, nine deliveries per day, total approximately two-and-a-half days
    · Playing surface: 0.5 % incline towards centre
    · Growth: Firm roots in 14 days, initial roots after two days, immediately playable
    · Bedding layer: 30-70 cm gravel forming a 4,500 m2 frost-free gravel bedding
    · Foundations: 10 cm drainage layer (sand), heating pipes, 13 cm lower turf-bearing layer, 9 cm upper turf-bearing layer
    · Drainage (seepage pipes): 14 drains each measuring 111 m, 100 mm diameter, total length two kilometres
    · Under-soil heating: Pipes 3.2 cm diameter, total length 27 kilometres, three isolated tubes per distributor, manual and automatic temperature control range 35-50 °C, pressure at 1 bar

    Video Walls
    Mounted centrally in North and South Stands above the goals at 7° to vertical
    Resolution: 288 x 512 pixels
    Active matrix display area: 7.2 m x 12.8 m = 92.16 m2 (total area: 100 m2)
    Picture format: approx.16:9
    Pixel size: 25 mm/12,5 virtual
    Pixel composition: 2 red, 1 true green, 1 blue LED
    Total number pixels: 147,456
    Total number LEDs: 589,824
    Pixels per module: 32 x 64
    Module: 800 mm x 1600 mm
    Total number modules: 72
    Module weight: 66 kg
    Total weight: 4,752 kg
    Module housing: Aluminium
    Brilliance (max.): approx. 6,200 cd/m2
    Horizontal sight angle: 150°
    Vertical sight angle: 70°
    Colour graduations: 6.8 billion
    Picture refresh rate: 240/960 Hz
    Max. electrical load: 67 KW
    Average load: 33 KW

    System: digital networked signal processors
    - Remote controlled and monitored high power amplifier
    - Specially manufactured Electro-Voice loudspeaker system
    Loudspeakers mounted in colour matched steel frames at 42 m
    - 24 loudspeaker clusters, 6 speakers per cluster and 10 further individually mounted units
    - 154 units including 72 sub-woofers
    - Each cluster weighs around 1 t
    Operation: Remote amplifier (Electro-Voice) in 14 switch cabinets in stadium roof- Total amplifier output: approx. 158,000 W
    - Individual climate control, monitoring and surge protection in all cabinets
    - Each cabinet has an automatic fire-extinguishing system
    ProMatrix System control technology from Dynacord
    - High-powered amplifiers in 7 technical control centres with a total output of approx. 129,000 W
    - Main control centre on Level 7, 21 control centre stations
    - 21 control centre stations linked by a fibre-optic network with multiple redundancy

    10 cross-beams with catwalks
    232 floodlights at a height of 45 m
    Total power: 464 KW/h
    Brilliance: 1,000 – 1,500 Lux

    Hydraulic Pitch Entrance
    Arched zinc galvanised steel construction
    Operation: toggle lever mechanism – Opening travel: 2,300 mm in 11 seconds
    Width at Pitch: 2.50 m
    Height at Pitch: 2.10 m
    Controlled by ‘dead mans handle’ and warning lights in players tunnel
    Additional: emergency exits (swing door) and buffers

    Dressing Rooms
    Dressing rooms: 65.5 m2
    Massage room: 40.5 m2
    Medical treatment room: 21 m2
    Baths: 2.08 m x 5.16 m x 1 m
    Warm-up area: approx. 110 m2
    Showers: 22 m2
    Coaches' dressing rooms: 40 m2
    Number of lockers: 22
    Number of showers: 12

    Electrical Data
    Available power: 12 MW from two separate sub-stations
    Additional battery storage for all safety, sound and control systems
    Power and data distribution: approx. 4,000,000 cables
    Switching cabinets: assembled at approx. 750 m
    Total of approx. 68,000 lighting units provide atmosphere and safety
    Main system: further approx. 20,000 centrally controlled data points (nodes)

    Heating, Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Sanitation (HKLS)
    Number of ventilation units: 110
    Air replacement in car park: 5.4 million m3/h
    Air replacement in stadium: 1.3 million m3/h (max. 1.7 million)
    HKLS control: 7,000 data points monitored by control centre
    Cooling capacity: 3.2 MW provided by 1,000 PKW air-conditioning system
    Heating capacity: 5.2 MW, i.e. as much as 5 family houses
    35,000 m C-steel duct (DN 350)
    3,600 m NIRO ducts
    36,000 m additional cast, composite, synthetic and other ducts.
    100,000 m3 square sheet conduits
    10,000 m round sheet conduits

    Fire Prevention and Safety
    15,000 sprinklers
    300 dry/wet risers
    4,600 fire detectors
    Approx. 35,000 linear fire detectors
    Alarm system: 6,200 loudspeakers
    Access system: 110 turnstiles, fixed and mobile card readers
    Surveillance system: 90 recording cameras providing court-admissible footage
    Data transport: approx. 800,000 m fibre optic cable

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    Interesant este faptul ca se vor bucura si echipele din a doua liga germana sa joace pe acest stadion, deoarece apartine nu numai lui Bayern ci si celor de Munchen 1860. In plus, fiul presedintelui de la 1860 a fost arestat si apoi eliberat pe cautiune pentru scandalul in legatura cu milioanele de euro mita platiti de diverse firme de constructii pentru a primi si ele o bucata din tort (sa nu utam ca si hotarirea de a construi acest stadion, desi in Munchen exista deja stadionul olimpic, a insemnat cu siguranta cecuri cu multe zerouri pentru parlamentarii bavarezi care au aprobat aceasta constructie)

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    "Parcare de coşmar"

    "Am văzut aproape toate stadioanele lumii. Dar nici unul nu se compară cu «Allianz Arena»". Aşa zice Franz Beckenbauer. În mare, are dreptate. Noul stadion al lui Bayern îţi taie răsuflarea. Aspectul său de farfurie zburătoare şi utilităţile ultramoderne dau senzaţia de perfecţiune. "Fascinaţia ţine însă pînă ajungi în parcare", a descoperit cotidianul "Tageszeitung".

    Reporterii ziarului munchenez au trăit un veritabil coşmar miercuri seară, la finele amicalului Bayern - Germania (4-2), într-una din multiplele parcări ale arenei. "Timp de o oră n-am putut mişca maşina din loc. Iar ca să ieşim la autostradă ne-a mai trebuit una".

    Pentru agenţii de circulaţie nu-i o noutate: "Noi am luat demult în calcul întîrzieri de asemenea durată", a precizat un purtător de cuvînt al poliţiei muncheneze". "Dar pentru suporteri, mai ales pentru aceia care vin la stadion cu copiii, satisfacţia unei seri reuşite se transformă repede în calvar", a concluzionat "Tageszeitung".

    "Luaţi metroul"
    Celor care n-au chef să-şi tocească nervii prin parcare, sau circulînd bară la bară pe autostradă, "Tageszeitung" le-a recomandat metroul. "Staţia e la doar cîteva minute de mers pe jos şi circulă oricum mai repede. Altfel pierdeţi o groază de timp", pretinde publicaţia muncheneză.

    Fascinaţia culorilor
    Marea atracţie a noului stadion munchenez o reprezintă coloritul. Funcţie de echipa care joacă, Bayern, Munchen 1860 sau reprezentativa Germaniei, "Allianz Arena" poate deveni roşie, albastră sau albă. Totul este posibil datorită pernelor pneumatice transparente din care a fost contruită copertina şi unor instalaţii de iluminare create special de concernul german "Osram".

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    In afara de parcare, totul se pare ca e super. Ati si fost inauntru?
    Totdeauna gasesti ceva de invatat

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    Default Re: grusse aus muenchen

    Fratele meu a fost,face paza acolo.



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