Telenor Satellite Broadcasting connects Central and Eastern Europe to its fibre network
Oslo, 18th May

Telenor Satellite Broadcasting announced today the expansion of its Multi-Service Network (MSNW), into three more major cities throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The extended connection will provide its customers with the flexibility in offering uplink services to Telenor’s THOR III satellite, as well as provide easy routing and distribution of video feeds across Europe.

Telenor’s terrestrial core fibre network, interconnected to Intelsat’s global TMT network in London will now encompass, Sofia, Bucharest and Budapest. This CEE ring structure is connected via a fully redundant link to the rest of the network and provides access to Nittedal in Norway one of TSBc’s major teleports. This will allow operators, particularly Broadcasters, the opportunity to backhaul occasional and permanent video feeds to Europe and even allow for further distribution to the US.

Lars Janols , Sales and Marketing Director of TSBc says “With the imminent launch of THOR 5, the expansion of our network is the much needed value-added enabler, allowing us to offer satellite and fibre solutions to new and developing markets within Central and Eastern Europe.” The terrestrial network will provide the flexibility in delivering broadcasting services across the CEE for further distribution on 1ş West- an established orbital position already serving over 1 million households in this region.

(Source: Telenor Satellite Broadcasting)