Hellp plzz

I try to put in the canal digital keys in my KAON

I can put conax keys, but don't know how :S
I mean,

normal key input will look like:

Via ex.
id: 00 1C 10
Index: 08
HEX key: 03 A8 57 61 0B 5F 12 69 <-- just 16digits can't put in more

also, conax key have not id and index like via, it's mod, exp, you know

and very long key

anyone have idee how can I put this key:

Canal Digital Nordic
Key 21
exp AB8625424072E2DA7E588797C666001FD5B9C652FA56FCEFA2 927CD317D445FC6AD8D366396618D88800086BDFE6DB3F6720 304C8B59F796D4C8CB2FE256891F
mod A26849D01758F7692B51DC10915F9C06231EFB107BE888C14F DA8220A2366DE0B742AFF7F5D8C0BBABA6669B3169497D4C6E D0E433F5DE023B2687E840B6DAFD

I had same prolem with via2, but i solved it like

id: 01 64 00
Index: 08
HEX key: A3A0B0BB86819499649EC844CC4ED47B

in my kaon.

id: 01 64 00
Index: 08
HEX key: A3A0B0BB86819499
Index: 09
HEX key: 649EC844CC4ED47B