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Thread: Quick buck!

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    Default Quick buck!

    it seems that when TPS changed it's algorythm everybody wants to earn a quick buck, see it like hungry sharks; because of this delima, emerging of (sharing servers, new receivers), what those people thinks that the only thing that hobbyist wants is a free TV, or TV for pay with less money! they don't put into account that most hobbyist gets the greatest satisfaction of getting it decoded(crack not w/ sharing servers, new recievers but w/ existing emu be it a cam, or receiver) not for seeing it but the joy of breaking into the encoding system!

    Cut it out guys we'r not buying!

    The more we learn things the more we hunger for more! That's human nature I guess!

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    thanks for your comment, hobbyists would actually prefer the problems to carry on it keeps them busy, and they would not even have time enough to watch on their discoveries. but always want to tackle the next found problem.
    the more the problems the happier the hobbyists

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    yeah its the joy of winning...
    the acheivement...
    the success...

    on the other hand... having a fully fledged totally c/s dreambox does sound nice...

    and when u're looking at viaccess2.5+ or ******2 thats ur only option but i understand mate there is no better feeling than breaking something open like that...

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    Default hobbyist

    totally agree with the comments here,i get my buzz when dream starts giving problems not what programs im missing,lets face it you get the same news from the bbc over a 3 or4 hour period if you see it once you can see it ten times.
    btw anyone explain this.
    i have my old meta box 10 (no auto software but still love it) set up in my sons bedroom so he can watch cartoon network before he goes to sleep,so when my dynast box auto rolls i just jot the new code into my meta box.
    last night the key changed i noted the new code when my dynast box auto rolled and went to input the code into my meta box, but the meta box had not scambled still showing cartoons,i thought i had made a mistake and started to check the dynasat box after a couple of minutes my son came and told me the meta box now showed scambled.
    i would say it was at least 5 minutes after the key change that my meta box scambled.
    never known this before "any ideas"



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