Working Group to be set up for talks over broadcast of Russian TV channels in Azerbaijan
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Russia has appealed to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry about the National Television and Radio Council’s decision to stop the broadcasting of the ORT and RTR TV channels in Azerbaijan. The Council’s chairman Nushiravamn Maharramli told APA that work on this issue is underway in the Cabinet of Ministers.

“The Cabinet of Ministers sent a letter to the National Television and Radio Council with regard to the application of Russia. We were offered the chance to set up a Working Group to hold negotiations on the issue. We have approved the idea of setting up a Working Group consisting of the representatives of Foreign Affairs, Communication and Information Technologies Ministries and the National Television and Radio Council. Probably the Cabinet of Ministers will make a formal decision on the Working Group”.

Mahharamli said the same procedure is being carried out with regard to Turkish “Samanyolu” TV. He said that, if a new decision is not made as result of the talks, the broadcasting of the above-mentioned foreign channels will be stopped on July 10. He also said TRT is not on the list of these TV channels because the term of intergovernmental agreement on this channel has not expired.

(Source: APA)