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    Default ANGELBOX ..the end of the road OFFICIAL

    April 30,2007


    According to the Angel service has been stopped since February 2, 2007, DYNASAT
    has effortfully followed the factory to get the service resuming ( information has been updated to customers leaving us contacting details ).

    Now we have final confirmation that Service cannot be operating. With our most sorry and deeply sympathize for this unexpected, so DYNASAT and all distributors are willing to give all our customers a Free of Charge Splitting Angel Box to be 2 receivers ( Free To Air+Patched software same features as receiver DYNASAT F1).

    If you wish to get this service, please immediately give your name, serial number and phone number with the shop from where you bought by May 30,07. All lists will be passed to DYNASAT to place an order for parts (1st lot be done by May10).

    Since it takes time for new mold making of chassis more than one month, so pls. don’t send your receiver to the shop in this monent. Parts should be ready around Mid of JUNE, 07 that we will inform shops to give further notice to their customers.

    In making each new receiver for you requiring of New Chassis ( lower & upper ) , Front panels , Control panel, Power Supply, Remote control , Power cord and etc.
    that is needed of big volume order enough for factory’s production. Sorry if factory cannot serve for minor quantity like 30-40pcs ( even 100-200 pcs still impossible)
    as main parts be made specially for DYNASAT’ s customers only, many parts can
    not be shared with another models. And some parts be made by sub-contracted
    factory as well. So for your safety, pls. contact the shop for service reserving asap.

    DYNASAT is trying at best to serve or get anything benefit in the future for our customers, although all units be already done at our cost.With our apology for the trouble.

    Should you have any question and need instant service, please contact us directly by telephones # 02 910 - 8935 to9 and 02 910-8672 to 6 (e-mail contacting may
    be not so quick as full of services giving to customers as a service center , so not
    able to monitor e-mails all working hours ).

    With our best regards,

    DYNASAT Building
    158 , Soi Wongsawang 21,
    Wongsawang Rd., Bangsue,
    Bangkok, 10800 Thailand
    Tel : (66) 2 910 8935 to 9,
    (66) 2 910 7682 to 6

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    glad i got my dealer to swap mine ages back then... i bought one just before world cup and it went dead just before world cup so i made a deal and kept the second dish and re-aimed it...

    i wonder now if there is going to be a way to use the serial port plug in to make it work with feed from pc over the internet?

    cause thats what the second dish was right? just downloading codes over the internet?

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    That's really nice support if they will reach their promise land ... And users will happy with two Free To Air receivers than one expensive Free To Air receiver.

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