Dear humax users,

I have humax 5400Z. it has software of 2002. all of u can give me information about ur software version, if u have updated the software ..

i am not talking about the "HIC 1.05.00 ToH 3.4 HoT 8.0 " or any other firmware.. i am talking about the basic software of Humax...because in the softwrae of 2002 ..there are so many limitations...for example adding of new satellites and channels...and so on..

Can some one tell me ...ever some one upgrade softwrae through satellite for the upgrade available for humax on satellite like astra and hotbird. if yes then tell me is it new software (which year) or the same as i have (year2002).

Plz solve my problem...dont suggest me to visit other thread because i have already read so many threads about humax... i need ur replies and help because u r using this reciever and u know better.