"The Conversation":First TV station on the world regarding love discussion and debate
Friday, April 27th, 2007

The Dutch love discussion and debate, so a group of experienced broadcasters in Hilversum have decided to create a TV channel that will broadcast interviews and debates 24 hours a day. “Het Gesprek” (The Conversation) is the initiative of Frits Barend, Ruud Hendriks, Pieter Storms and Derk Sauer, and is planned to launch on 2 October. It’s believed to be the first TV station of its kind in the world.

The station plans to recruit well-known Dutch interviewers, and the accent will be on quality, content and newsworthiness. The format will give the interviewees time to go into depth on subjects in a way which is not possible on existing TV channels. The interviews will not be interrupted by commercials. Every day, at least four new interviews will be aired. Guests will be from the worlds of politics, the arts, literature, culture, sport, science and business. The programmes will be available worldwide via the website www.hetgesprek.tv