ANRCTI opens two telecentres in Central Romania

Romanian regulator ANRCTI is continuing its universal telecom initiative with the launch of two telecentres in Central Romania.

ANRCTI has inaugurated telecentres in the Central Romanian villages of Maguri and Perisor. The Maguri telecentre was built by Vodafone Romania and the Perisor telecentre was built by Radiocom.

Telecentres are public spaces intended to provide communications services to communities that have limited access to phones, internet and other telecom services. The Maguri and Perisor telecentres will provide users with local, national and international calls, fax and data transmission services.

ANRCTI aims to launch tenders for approximately 270 telecentres this year. So far, ANRCTI has launched 5 tenders for the purpose of installing telecentres in 331 localities. At present, 136 telecentres are functional.

(Source: Migital Media Europe)