atiDiablo KeyEdit v1.0

1. Opens KEYS.BIN and KEYS.XML

2. Saves as KEYS.BIN (and if desired as KEYS.XML!)

3. Context menu (right-click in treemenu!)
- Add/Remove Codingsystem
- Add/Remove Provider
- Add/Remove Key

4. Drag and Drop in treemenu to change order of
- Codingsystems,
- Providers and
- Keys

5. Check and Uncheck
- Codingsystems
- Providers
- Keys
(only checked data will be written to BIN,
all data will be written to XML!)

6. Import/Export Keys from/to "Diablo Softcam.Key"
(Import AES Keys)

7. Fausto and Keymaker compatibility for XML-files

8. HTML documentation (CHM-file)

Attached Files

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