Online marketplace for video and TV launched
Monday, April 16th, 2007

Jalipo, a new online distribution network for high-quality TV and video content that aims to act as an alternative to YouTube, launched today with partners including BBC World and Al Jazeera English. Jalipo, which has the former president of Sony Europe Chris Deering as its chairman, will offer a pay-as-you-go credit service to consumers wanting to watch live events and video-on-demand online.

The group says this will allow content owners more control over their footage to set the price and determine where it is available to avoid jeopardising any other distribution deals. ”We’re hoping to create a much more user friendly way to buy video content that means you can now monetise your content online while still maintaining your rights,” Chief Executive Alex Taylor told Reuters.

“This is absolutely not for user-generated content. If you were looking to put us into the marketplace, I would put us at the other end of the market to YouTube. This is rights protected, territory restricted and monetised every minute.”

Video and user-generated content has proved hugely popular on the Internet, with video-sharing site YouTube dominating the market. It was bought by Internet search engine Google Inc. last year for $1.65 billion. But last month media conglomerate Viacom Inc sued Google and YouTube for more than $1 billion over what it said was intentional copyright infringement for allowing users to upload popular shows onto the site.

Deering said Jalipo would allow a lot more content to be made available to consumers and it could also be syndicated to other sites. Viewers would pay at a per minute rate. Jalipo has signed content deals with BBC World, Al Jazeera English, French news channel France 24 in French, English and Arabic and Bloomberg among others. It is looking to sign deals to show live sports, concerts and independent films.

(Source: Reuters)