Am gasit ceva interesant si mi-am permis sa fac un copy/paste pentru voi:

Your dreambox connected safely to the internet


Ever wondered how to connect your dreambox safely to the internet in such a way that you can use the Enigma Web Interface from any place in the world?

The dreambox is connected to the internet in such a way that you can:
* add timer events and download recorded movies
* use all othere Enigma Web Interface functions

Attached is a pdf file with a solution for people who have a (NAT-)router, an Apache web server, a firewall and a dreambox. It describes how to get your webserver to forward requests to the dreambox and forward the answers from the dreambox back to the internet browser.

* Apache needs to be installed and running
* The router needs to forward requests on port 80 (http) to the Apache web server
* The firewall needs to allow traffic between the Apache web server and the dreambox on port 80

As the dreambox is not directly connected to the internet it is not possible to use telnet or FTP to access it. Only http will work.

I didn't try the streaming over the internet as I probably have a ADSL connection that is not fast enough (upstream 80KBps) anyway. It would also require the NAT-router and the firewall to be open on port 31338-31339, which would mean that my DM7000S is directly accessible from the internet on these ports. I don't want these ******/gambling/virus guys to use my dreambox that easy.

Good luck!