SmartFTP 2.5 Build 1005 Released

Version 2.5 Build 1005 (2. April 2007)
Major Changes

* Favorites: New Favorites system. Based on the file system and XML files.
* Favorites: New "Default Favorite" which replaces the Transfer/Connection Global Settings.
* SmartFTP no longer runs on Windows 9x/ME.

Minor Changes

* Favorites: Multiple Favorites Locations/Folder. e.g. Use a shared favorites folder.
* Favorites: Added import for CuteFTP Home/Pro up to the latest available version (8.0).
* Favorites: Added import for IglooFTP Pro.
* Remote Browser: Transfer: File/Folders are now sorted using a "natural order string" comparision.
* Transfer Queue: Removed "Max Retry" from the Transfer Queue global settings. It uses the "Max Retry" option from the favorite item now.
* Folder navigation links are now saved/restored.
* Vista: New file open/save dialogs. Support for restart manager.

Bug Fixes

* Remote Browser: Source/Destination file mix up in File Exist Dialog.
* Remote Browser: Bug with "Unknown" date/time in File Exist Dialog.
* Remote Edit / Monitor File under Windows Vista.
* Favorites: Statistics of favorite items.
* Heap overflow in Log control.