NBC Universal unveils international TV growth plan
Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

NBC Universal plans to launch 20 TV channels across Europe, Asia and Latin America in a drive to more than double broadcasting revenue outside the United States over the next two to three years. NBC said today that existing channels, such as Sci-Fi and 13th Street, would be launched in new markets including Portugal, Hungary, Russia and India to more than double the number of local channels to 32, and reach 58 countries.

The move follows a recent pledge from NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker to make global expansion a top priority along with new programming and digital intiatives. “We promised that international growth would be one of our key areas of focus and this first step underlines our determination to grow our business throughout the world,” Zucker said in a statement.

NBC Universal, which generated international revenue of almost $3 billion last year, is 80 percent owned by General Electric Co and 20 percent by Vivendi. The company owns the NBC television network and Universal Studios along with other TV channels and theme parks.

(Source: Reuters)