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Thread: hotbird 7

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    Default hotbird 7


    can some one tell me exactly when hotbird 7 is going to launch bcoz i am not getting hotbird 1 . which channels on hotbird 1,2 will then be available on hotbird 7

    secondly plz tell me which sports channel is covering french open , eurosport 2 and all of the tps channels r useless.


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    Hotbird 7 failed to launch, 2 years back, and it was supposed to replace the channels being provided by hotbird 3, not hotbird 1. hotbird 3 is operational anyhow and will remain so for the next few years to come. it's only their attempt to keep new generation satellites in orbit that they are trying to replace the "old" hotbirds. anyhow, hotbird 8 is on the plans now and maybe will be launched soon.

    as to your problem not receiving the hotbird channels, pls refer to and look at the footprints on how big your dish should be inorder to receive the signals in your area, if possible.

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    It is actually HotBird 7A to be launched in January 2006
    and it will replace HotBird 1



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