Md Sound Recorder 1.00

- This plugin can be used with any application that support MDAPI ,
Like progdvb, altdvb, dvbdream and WatchTVProEx .
It can be used to record active sound with high quality and small file size,
Form many sources to many formats of sound.
Each of which is with many sample rats.


- Pause/Resume is supported .
- Change sound volume during recording is supported .
- Display file size during recording in these formats b/KB/MB/GB .
- Display Recording time in this format (hh:mm:ss) .
- Display file name being recorded .
- Display logo during recording .
- Display sound level for both channels .

- prefix file name by date and time to avoid overwriting recorded files .
- Chose custom name is supported .
- Change directory is supported .
- Default directory for recording is the directory of the host application .

- Recording by time is supported(using timer for auto stop recording .
- You can save current settings.
- You can reset settings to default.
- Reading saved settings is disabled for now due to a bug
With save/read/reset.

** how to use**
- copy MdSoundRecorder.dll to plugin folder .
- copy the rest of files to the main directory of the host application .
- then execute register. bat to register the tool.
Example for prog dvb
C:\ProgDVB\Register.bat ; and the rest of files in this directory.

- run your application And click( show MdSoundRecorder) from plugin menu .
- default settings is the best to record high quality and small file size .
Default settings to record using DVB card are:-
Device = your sound card.
Source = stereo mix.
Format = MP3.
Quality (sample rat) = 128 kbps, 44KHZ, STEREO.
Volume level = 75: 85, this is very important.
Recording quality depends also on the sound quality of of the channel you are recording from.
You can use timer for auto stop recording by time.
Input time will be in sec you will see the corresponding value in this format (hh:mm:ss).
If you want to reuse timer again you must disable then enable it again.
That is all.

- this package is for educational purpose only since the package contains un free tool .
- but the plugin itself is free for all .