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Thread: biss smartcard

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    Default biss smartcard


    Anyone can teach me how can i extract the key on a biss card what programmer i will use and what software.

    thanks in advance

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    Try with infinity usb programmer but I don't think so it can work on Biss Cards...
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    what's the main chips(microprocessor) of the biss card, some reader programer only run on certain chips!
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    To extract from any official card all you need is a pheonix programmer

    Any pheonix 3.5 / 6 Mhz will do the job

    But you still really need to know what the chip is on the card
    a good place to start is by reading the ART Address - the ATR address by some experts on the forum will give the identity of the chip .

    Best soft for official cards extract / clone is winexplore but you do need to know what your doing if you push the wrong buttons or send the wrong script via winexplore you will kill the card

    At a Guess without knowing the ATR address it will proberly by a Atmel 6464c
    a full dump and clonig can be done from this card - hence now discountinued by the providers and in place 7272c which has also been dumped .. and now moved on to the new 1444 cards ..... also not safe



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