Latest Romanian film hits the cinemas today
Corruption among political figures in today’s society – a hot issue.
published in issue 3893 page 16 at 2007-03-16

Bucharest - Bucharest cinemas will host today the premiere of the most awaited Romanian film of this year: Serban Marinescu’s ‘Ticalosii’ (‘The Bastards’). Starring an excellent cast, the movie is considered to be a “PR blow” to political classes everywhere. Two of the main parts are played by Stefan Iordache (as the presidential adviser) and Dorel Visan (as a businessman sponsoring the governing party).

The plot chosen by Serban Marinescu, who also wrote the screenplay, is inspired by Dinu Sararu’s novel ‘Ciocoii noi cu bodyguard’ (‘The New Boyars with Bodyguards’) and it’s motto is ‘How money makes politics and how politics makes money’.

In order to achieve a ‘gloves-off’ scrutiny of the political class from the post-Revolution period, the director selected an outstanding group of actors with great audience appeal. Thus, the cast also includes Horatiu Malaele, Mircea Diaconu, Gheorghea Dinica, Razvan Vasilescu, Mircea Albulescu, Monica Davidescu, Mitica Popescu, Valentin Popescu and Marius Florea Vizante.

A ‘special’ character is the ‘Sarpele rosu’ orchestra, led by Nelu Ploiesteanu, adding vividness to the film. Two TV hosts, Radu Moraru and Dan Diaconescu, play themselves. The man behind the directing and writing ‘orchestrated’, during the 87-minute long movie, ‘the performance’ of several wealthy men who are backing politicians compelled to promote their interests. These men are actually the ones “making up the oligarchies that dictate fiscal policies stemming from party financing.”

Serban Marinescu throws in numerous ingredients in order to thicken the plot. The film starts off with a scene in which governing politicians are monitoring, through intelligence agencies, both their financers and Opposition politicians. Men in the PM’s and President’s antourage are involved in this, filming with hidden cameras in discrediting circumstances a power-thirsty general, but also the tycoon who is sponsoring the Opposition.

However, the main part is that of the presidential adviser – ‘the maker’ of all post-Revolution figures. In the end, after the General is assassinated by the Prime Minister’s men while hunting, he ‘buries the Romanian Revolution’ in the Glina garbage dump, holding a funeral feast – while still alive for the poor, which Dan Diaconescu broadcasts live in the manner of the TV station run by him. Although Marinescu pointed out that “the novel generated the movie and reality made it complete”, Dinu Sararu, attending last week’s private screening, said that the tone of the book can be found in the film, and the film is the book. The motion-picture has five copies and the producer wants to show it simultaneously in Bucharest and five other cities. ‘Ticalosii’ will also be released on DVD.
by George Grigoriu