Please beware when you order online.

I have on 5.2.2007 through paid money online to by a official sat card from . Promptly I was given an order Number and status as “pending”. 2 days later it was upgraded to “money received. processing” As I paid extra to get it delivered securely and faster through EMS I was waiting for 7 days as suggested by the site. On 15th as I did not get the parcel I sent some emails, tried to call the English Tel No given but was not successful. Later I talked to the Thai Number and the person talked in English and asked me to send an email with details and he will reply within one hour. I did so but no reply for the next 48 hours. Later they have sent me a email giving a EMS tracking number. I checked online and found it a fake one. I had no option and since they maintained a sat forum I went to the forum and exposed them. (later I found in another forum that these people appear in various names and cheat-Satthai, Eldsat and Electronics Direct etc. Next name they will have is SATCROOK!
No he is sending me threatening emails saying that he will not activate the card until I apologize, These are his email replies;
“When your card arrive's you can post a sorry on the forum or i will not activate the card for u ?”
“stop posting bullshit
“If u keep posting when your card arrvive i will not activate the card if you keep posting lies “
“Yes i know its 8 day's But please understand we do not steal money - why would we want to do that if you get your parcel - maybe you have many friends who want cards ? its not in our intrest to steal funds ? I will today have a answer from the post office if they cannot find the parcel by 3pm thai time i will re-send another parcel i will keep you informed ...........”
He has cheated many. One is Mr Kamaldeen.
“Also that kamaldeen get him to send me a e-mail its important”
I have still not got the item after 40 days of ordering. It was only from Thailand to Sri Lanka by Courier.
Mind you I have paid €25.00 for express delivery, when the actual charge is about 1/5th. (I checked the rates fro EMS thai website.
Therefore please be aware and do not buy items on line-specially when they do not give a mailing address or No contactable telephone number.
I have on previous occasions bought sat items through European companies and they are VERY reliable. I had to buy from this site because others did not have this card.
After all € 145 is nothing much for me. I earn double this amount in a day. I only want to teach him a good lesson and drown his Mafia business he is doing using the internet.

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