Dear Satellite TV fan,

Beware of satThai, Edirect and Electronics direct. These 3 companies are selling sat equipment online. A friend of mine ordered from Electronics direct on 5.2.2007 a Telstar 18 xxx card for which he paid EMS charges too. He was assured delivery within 3 to 7 days. After 2 weeks of waiting since there was no response he tried to contact over the phone. English phone number was not responding so he called the thai number. He was asked to send an email with details and was assured a reply would be sent. He did so but no reply came. After few weeks he pointed this in a forum and on 7.3.2007, a Thai EMS shipping ticket number was sent. When he checked this it was found that this is a fake one. Today is 14.3.2007 and after 40 days he still awaits the items he ordered for the customers. Also one Mr Kamaldeen from Sri Lanka had the same experience. He had ordered Telstar Card and TBL cards too. altogether the value was around 1000 US $.

Today I was told that he had got a message from the company sating the EMS ticket No is correct. But when he checked it was again found to be “NOT AVAILABLE”. Soon after this they have removed his name and all posts relating to this cheating from the forum.

Please spread the message and STOP this mafia movement of SATTHAI, EDIRECT, and ELECTRONICS DIRECT.

Sorry for bothering you with an unsolicited mail but I think you will appreciate this is a warning for you as well.



Sri Lanka