Deutsche Welle TV to more than double Arabic broadcasting hours
Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

The Arabic broadcast of Deutsche Welle TV will expand from three hours to seven hours a day as of April 2, 2007, the station’s General Director Erik Betterman announced today. In a statement. Bettermann said this move will bolster relations between Germany and the Arab world in all fields.

He added that the basis of media cooperation between Germany and the Arab world has been set in a tour by former Chancellor Gerhard Schroder to the Gulf countries about two years ago when the first Arabic newscast was aired.

Aside from a newscast, the Arabic broadcast will include cultural, economic, social, and scientific features, Bettermann said. About 50 people will be working on the Arabic broadcast at Deutsche Welle TV including on-air talent, translators, journalists, and anchors.

(Source: Kuwait News Agency)