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    Hi, there r many model of Kaon receiver, but the receiver given by dishtv india is different. Although it is a kaon receiver. I am giving the software and hardware details. can any one please tell me what type of kaon receiver is this and how can I patch this?

    loader v 2.1.6
    sw:- 01.05
    hw:- 01.00
    tuner sharp
    main mpeg cpu:- sti5518
    flash:- 16mb (ST 1602)
    Conax embedded + 2 empty CI slots.

    I will try to read the data through windows hyper terminal and post it soon.
    please help me. All the official loader of is able to communicate with this receiver. even I tried to upgrade the software with other make and model. The receiver booted and started but there was no signal and sound. what mistake did I make? shoud I change the bootloader before installing any other software please help.
    I also don't want to lose My receiver's serial number and U/A number.
    thanks........ :

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    Default hi

    hello please read the pm i send You.u will get ur answers from there .




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