Hi all

I am using skystar2 usb, it works whith prodvb for tv chennells, but when i try to use it for downloading from eutilsat w3a (OpenSky push) my entire laptop freezes (hung) and i have to restart it again, I tried all technisat skystar 2 usb drivers, i updated my chipset to hte latest version, i tried different versions of progdvb and skynet, but no use , sometimes it gaves me blue screen with error messege says that the problem was caused by skynetU.sys which is the skystar 2 driver file, then it statrs to dump the memory and restart the laptop, please if any one who knows to solve this problem I'd be thankful .

for more information :

I am using HP laptop
processor = P4 (1.6 GHZ)
HDD = 20 GB
Ram = 512
Technisat SkyStar2 USB
1.5 M dish