UAE cable TV provider launches package for Filipinos
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

E-Vision, the leading cable TV provider in the United Arab Emirates, announced the launch of four new channels and a new Direct Entry Package for the Filipino community during the second day of the Middle East Cable, Satellite, Broadcast, and Communications Exhibition (CABSAT 2007) in Dubai.

The launch of Orbit Cable Pinoy Plus package and the new channels -MBC Action,Hawas TV , Al Jazeera English and Gear One expands E-Vision’s already extensive bouquet of channels catering to the diverse communities of the UAE.

GMA 7, Pinoy Box office(PBO) and NBN Pinoy News along with a selection of Orbit’s most popular western channels will comprise the new Direct Entry package on Orbit Cable Pinoy Plus.

(Source: E-Vision)