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    succes si asteptam sa-l vedem pe orbita

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    Default Lansare Astra 2E

    Feed HD pe 10E, 11081 V 9875 3/4 8PSK 3/4

    sau pe 5E, 12711 H 5000 5/6 S2 QPSK

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    PFA 1.4m+IBU twin 75E->37.5W / PFA 3.0m Ku&C band, 103E->40.5W/Dreambox 500 HD/Vu+ Solo SE V2/TBS 5925

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    Wink Previziuni lansari sateliti pt. 2014

    Previziuni lansari sateliti pt. 2014

    In 2013 au fost 78 lansari de rachete care au atins orbita. Au fost deasemenea 3 ratari

    confirmate si 1 neconfirmata.

    Lasarile importante pt. noi/ zona EUROPA:
    10.02.2014 Trksat 4A( la 42.0E

    19.02.2014 Astra 5B(pozitonat la 28.2E si 31.5E)

    XX.04.2014 EUTELSAT 3B(pozitionat la 3.0E)

    xx.XX.2014 ASTRA 2G(pozitionat la 28.2E)
    (trim. 2)

    xx.XX.2014 THOR 7(pozitionat la 1.0W)
    (mijlocul anului)

    Sursa: GUNTER's SPACE PAGE &

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    A fost lansat satelitul Turksat 4A

    Aseara a fost lansat Turksat 4A, un satelit de comunicații turc, operat de compania Turksat.

    Acesta a fost fabricat de Mitsubishi Electric ( MELCO ) din Japonia, pe baza platformei Spacebus MELCO DS2000 și a fost plasat pe orbită de către compania americano-rusă International Launch Services ( ILS ), cu ajutorul unei rachete Proton-M, lansat[ de la Baikonur, Kazahstan.

    Lansarea Turksat 4A fusese inițial programata pentru luna noiembrie 2013, dar a fost amnată p\n] in februarie 2014 ca urmare a suspendării lansarilor cu racheta Proton-M, din cauza unor probleme tehnice.

    Turksat 4A face parte din flota de sateliti Turksat și a fost plasat temporar pe orbita geostaționară, la pozitia 50 grade Est, unde va rămne aproximativ trei luni. n această perioadă, va fi testata functionarea in spatiu a subsistemelor satelitului.

    Apoi satelitul va fi transferat la 42 grade Est, pentru a furniza servicii de telecomunicații și televiziune pentru o regiune geografică mare, de la vestul Chinei și estul Angliei pna n Turcia, Europa, Asia Centrală, Orientul Mijlociu și Africa.


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    Satelitul Astra 1N este mutat la 19,2 grade Est

    Operatorul de sateliti SES Astra a nceput ieri mutarea satelitului de telecomunicații Astra 1N, din poziția temporară 28.2 grade Est catre pozitia 19.2 E, unde va avea o acoperire identică pentru toate transponderele.

    Never trust a man who says, "Trust me."

    dm800hd se,dm500s,offset 1.0m->13e-16e-19e,offset 0.8m->1w,offset 0.8m->39e

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    Red face Arianespace orbits ASTRA 5B and Amazonas 4A satellites

    Arianespace orbits ASTRA 5B and Amazonas 4A satellites

    Kourou, March 22, 2014

    On Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 22:04 UTC, Arianespace carried out the 59th successful Ariane 5 launch in a row, orbiting two telecommunications satellites: ASTRA 5B for the Luxembourg-based operator SES, and Amazonas 4A for the Spanish operator Hispasat. ASTRA 5B also hosts an EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) payload for the European Commission.

    59th successful launch in a row: Arianespace continues to deliver the world's most reliable launch service!

    Today's successful mission, the 59th in a row for Europe's Ariane 5 launcher, confirms that Arianespace continues to set the standard for guaranteed access to space for all operators, whether national or international space agencies, private industry or governments.

    Following the announcement of the orbital injection of the Astra 5B and Amazonas 4A satellites, Arianespace Chairman and CEO Stphane Isral said: "Today's successful launch, the 59th in a row for Ariane 5, confirms the unrivaled reliability and availability of the European launcher. We take particular pride in being able to offer this service excellence to two leading European operators, SES and Hispasat, both long-standing customers of Arianespace, as well as the European Commission, which has an EGNOS satellite navigation payload integrated on the ASTRA 5B satellite. I would like to thank our customers for continuing to place their trust in us. For Arianespace and our family of the Ariane, Soyuz and Vega launchers, the watchword in 2014 will be 'Europe', following the launch of Athena-Fidus on February 6, a French-Italian spacecraft that meets both defense and homeland security requirements, and leading up to flagship programs deployed by the European Commission (Copernicus and Galileo) and the European Space Agency (ATV and IXV). In addition, I would also like to express my thanks to Airbus Defence & Space, as the industrial prime contractor for Ariane 5, to the rest of the European space industry, the teams at the Guiana Space Center, and our partners at CNES for today's magnificent success."

    A launch for two leading European operators

    Arianespace and SES have developed an exceptional relationship over the last 25 years, starting with the launch of ASTRA 1A. ASTRA 5B is the 39th satellite from the SES group (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Bourse: SESG) to use Europe's launcher. SES operates the leading direct-to-home (DTH) satellite broadcast system in Europe, based on its ASTRA family of satellites, serving more than 135 million households via cable and DTH networks.

    Built by Airbus Space & Defense using a Eurostar 3000 L platform, ASTRA 5B weighed 5,724 kg at launch. It is fitted with 60 active Ku and Ka-band transponders, and will be positioned at 31.5 degrees East. The ASTRA 5B satellite will provide DTH television broadcast, cable distribution and digital terrestrial television (DTTV) network services in Europe and Africa. It also hosts an L-band payload for the European geostationary navigation overlay system, EGNOS. ASTRA 5B offers a design life of about 15 years, and is the 107th satellite built by Airbus Defence & Space to be launched by Arianespace.

    Amazonas 4A is the eighth Spanish satellite launched by Arianespace, and the sixth for Hispasat. Three of the four Amazonas satellites, which support the operator's expansion in South America, were launched by Ariane 5.

    Amazonas 4A was built by Orbital Sciences Corporation using a GeoStar-2 platform, and weighed 2,938 kg at launch. It is equipped with 24 active Ku-band transponders. This satellite will provide a broad range of telecommunications services across all of South America, in particular addressing the growth in demand expected because of the 2014 Football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, both organized in Brazil. It has a design life of 15 years, and is the 25th satellite built by Orbital Sciences Corporation to be launched by Arianespace.

    The ASTRA 5B/Amazonas 4A mission at a glance

    The mission was carried out by an Ariane 5 ECA launcher from Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. Liftoff was on Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 7:04 pm local time in Kourou (6:04 pm in Washington, D.C., 22:04 UTC, and 11:04 pm in Paris).

    This was the 217th Ariane launch. Airbus Defence & Space is the industrial prime contractor for Ariane launch vehicles. The Ariane 5 ECA used on this mission boosted 9,468 kg into geostationary transfer orbit, including 8,662 kg for the two satellites.

    (Source: Arianespace)

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