ANRCTI restores Cosmote, Telemobil interconnection

Romanian regulator ANRCTI has ordered Telemobil to re-establish communication between Telemobil and Cosmote's networks after a disagreement between the two operators left their customers unable to communicate.

Telemobile interrupted the interconnection link between the two networks on 1 March after an interconnection agreement could not be reached. As a result, Cosmote and Telemobile customers were unable to communicate with each other. ANRCTI estimates that nearly two million users were affected – 400,000 Telemobile customers and 1,200,000 Cosmote customers.

Cosmote filed a claim with the regulator to temporarily restore the connection between the two networks while a permanent agreement could be reached. Telemobil claims that the interruption is justified, as the companies were unable to conclude an agreement by the 1 March deadline, and that Cosmote had been informed in a timely manner of the interruption.

ANRCTI has sided with Cosmote, ordering Telemobil to resume interconnection between the two networks immediately. The regulator called the damage caused by the interruption to end users 'exceptionally severe.' The regulator has also initiated a procedure for the definitive settlement of the dispute.

(Source: Digital Media Europe)