Sirius radios will not become obsolete in a merger with XM
Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

Sirius Satellite Radio, which recently announced plans to merge with XM Satellite Radio, has issued a guarantee to its more than 12 million listeners across the US that existing radios will not become obsolete if the merger is approved. Sirius has unleashed an advertising campaign, which sets forth the “Sirius Guarantee” in national and metropolitan publications. The guarantee says clearly that no Sirius radios will become obsolete as a result of a merger with XM. Sirius has millions of radios in the market, including many that are built into the vehicles manufactured by its automakers.

Customers who sign up now for Sirius will have their subscription rate honoured by the merged cmpany. As a merged company, Sirius expects to be able to offer even more flexibility in subscriptions and programming selection. Following a merger, Sirius says it will be able to offer the best of both services in a mix of programming that can be accessed by existing radios.

(Source: Sirius Satellite Radio)