Macedonian government urged to suspend concessions to 23 radio and TV stations
Monday, February 19th, 2007

The National Broadcasting Council of Macedonia will today urge the government to suspend broadcast concessions to 23 radio and television stations that didn’t pay their concession fee.

The Council proposes suspension of broadcasting concession to TV4 and TV Sky Net from Skopje, Iris from Stip, Emi and Kobra from Radovish, Due from Gostivar, TVT from Valandovo, Art from Tetovo, Kanal Fest from Kumanovo, Mig 21 from Gevgelija and Alfa from Debar.

Broadcast concession is likely to be suspended to the following radio stations: Klasik FM from Skopje, Bleta from Tetovo, Aljbana and Bravo from Kumanovo, Rumeli - Gostivar, CBM - Veles, One Kis - Gevgelija, Roma - Gostivar, Hit - Strumuca, Tigar - Delcevo, Jehona - Lipkovo and Rapi from Velista.

The other 18 radio and television stations have agreed to pay the fee by the final deadline for submitting applications for renewal of concession contracts in line with the new law on broadcasting. The public notice for renewal - transformation of concessions into broadcasting licences will be announced today and will run for 45 days.

(Source: Makfax)