Azerbaijan may pull TRT off the air
Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Azerbaijan may pull Turkish TRT TV off the air, Communications and Information Technologies Ministry Teleradio Unit Technical Director Mikayil Abbasov told the Azeri Press Agency (APA). He said the draft agreement and letter will be sent to Turkey again. As per the agreement, TRT has to make payment in tax for broadcasts in the territory of Azerbaijan in accordance with prices set by the Tariff Council. The payment will be made for the number of transmitters and broadcasting coverage.

Abbasov said TRT has been broadcast into Azerbaijan for two years without any agreement. “If TRT refuse to ink an agreement, Azerbaijan will pull it off the air. National radio and television Council will make the final decision,” he said.
He said TRT’s transmission coverage was cut 30% as it refused to renew the agreement. It is broadcasting in 50% of the country - Baku, Ganja and Nakhchivan, compared to 80% previously.

The Head of the TRT office in Baku, Abdulhamid Afshar, told APA that the two parties will come to agreement as Turkey is interested to continue broadcasts in Azerbaijan.

(Source: APA)