C-SPAN dropped from Sirius Satellite Radio due to terms of contract dispute
Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
John Figliozzi reports that C-SPAN is being dropped by Sirius Satellite Radio from tomorrow. He asked C-SPAN to explain the reason, and received this reply:

C-SPAN has been informed by Sirius Satellite Radio that C-SPAN Radio will no longer be part of their programming line-up as of February 14, 2007. Although we were a charter programming service with Sirius since its launch, we were unable to reach agreement with them for a new contract because they demanded rights for extensive pre-emption of our channel in order to carry sports programming, which we contend affects the integrity of our public affairs event coverage.

C-SPAN Radio will continue to be available at c-spanradio.org and on XM Satellite Radio Channel 132.

John Figliozzi comments: “The promise of satellite radio - at least the Sirius version of it - is rapidly fading away, in my view. Of over 150 channels, to have one full time channel for the unbiased presentation and discussion of important public affairs events and issues should not be too much for a subscriber to ask. With the loss of PRI World a few months back and now this, Sirius takes a further step back from providing a place for intelligent, thoughtful radio.

“According to the customer service represntative I spoke with at Sirius’s 888 number (1-888-539-7474), they are receiving a number of calls in protest already. And since Sirius has yet to post the changes to its web site or officially notify its subscribers, we can only hope that this chorus increases in intensity with time.”