ANRCTI seeks public consultation on number portability

Romanian regulator ANRCTI has submitted a draft decision on number portability for public consultation.

Under the draft decision, number porting will be carried out only upon the subscriber's request, at the time when the subscriber intends to give up the services of a publicly available telephone services provider (a 'donor' provider) and wishes to conclude a contract with another provider (an 'acceptor' provider). The acceptor provider is responsible for carrying out the porting process. The deadline for finalising the porting process may not exceed 10 working days, except in certain cases.

In view of accurately informing the end-users with respect to number portability, the draft decision requires phone companies to make available detailed, clear and updated information about the portability service, including information related to tariffs charged for this service and for the calls made to ported numbers. Providers must make this information available by means of a directory service dedicated to number portability and by posting it on its website.

The public has until 7 March 2007 to submit comments and suggestions.

(Source: Digital Media Europe)