Module for operating DISEqC 1.2 motor with DVB cards SkyStar 1, SkyStar 2, TT Budget , Premium , Twinhan and other

* To work with module need to copy file DISEqC 12. module to folder \ProgDVB\Modules\
* To work with ProgDVB version < 4.79 turn on «Alterative method for send commands» in settings
* To work with DVB cards SkyStar 2 turn on appropriate option in settings

Ability of module:

* All setting stored in \ProgDVB\Modules\DISEqC12.ini.
* USALS calculator for calculate angle for current satellite.
* Adjustment timer period for refresh level and quality.
* Support GOTO ANGLE and GOTO POSITION. Format of commands ini 0192=ANGLE,19,2, E и 0050=POS,3 for angle and position.
* Tuning on transponder on selected satellite .
* Choice DISEqC port on transponder tuning.
* Automatic trimming motor on maximum level or quality in given value.
* View and send RAW commands.
* Embedded scaner of transponder level and quality.
* Two language interface with hints.