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Thread: News 09.02.2007

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    Default News 09.02.2007

    Disney Online will offer the legions of fans who have flocked to see Captain Jack Sparrow in cinemas a chance to star in an original videogame adventure for free with Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

    The massively multiplayer online game, slated to launch in the spring in conjunction with the 25 May worldwide cinema release of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, will bypass retail and be available via a free download at PiratesOnline.c*m.

    The game takes place in an alternate universe, with a new story arc that introduces Jolly Roger as a nemesis. Players must help Sparrow get his crew back together to find the Black Pearl and restore order. The story line will span hundreds of hours of gameplay, and Disney Online will launch free expansions for the game every two to three months.

    Disney Online is selling advertising for this version of the game. There will be no ads or product placement within the game world, though.

    Disney Online will offer consumers two ways to play the game, both of which will include a free electronic download (there will be no retail PC box version of the game at launch). Gamers can choose to play the free version of the game, which will incorporate about one-third of the game world and content. Players who want to upgrade to the full Pirates Online experience will be charged a $9.95 (Ł5) monthly subscription, which offers such extras as more customisation options and characters, and the ability to take part in tournaments and engage in player-to-player combat.

    All the actors from the film, including Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, have granted Disney Online the use of their likenesses. The game will use voice-alikes for the original dialogue.

    The unique aspect of the online world is that after players design their own playable avatar, film characters such as Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann will appear in cut scenes with the player's avatar, putting the gamer in the film experience.

    Steve Parkis, vice president of premium content at Disney Online, said Disney regards this MMO game as the backbone of the franchise, because the game will expand and evolve for years, well beyond the release of the films and DVDs.

    Although there are more than 100 MMO games in the global marketplace, only one, Blizzard's World of Warcraft, has truly crossed over to the mass market, with more than 8 million paying subscribers.
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    * NDS Group, a digital TV technology company controlled by Murdoch's News Corp., may be the best kept secret in the media business...Apple, TiVo, Cisco Systems...These companies are trying to establish a presence in your digital living room with cool, innovative technology to help link the computer and TV. And these companies are all widely recognized both on Wall Street and Main Street.

    But one of the most innovative firms in the lucrative business of digital content is one you've never heard of, NDS Group.

    And that puzzles some Wall Street ana*ysts, particularly since NDS is a majority-owned subsidiary of News Corp., the R. Murdoch-controlled media conglomerate that owns the Fox movie studio and TV network, various cable channels and popular social networking site MySpace. News Corp. owns about 74 percent of NDS.

    "This is an undiscovered gem," said Daniel Meron, an ana*yst with RBC Capital Markets. "It's extremely well positioned in a growth market and has an excellent management team. But few people know of it."

    Wall Street hits pause on TiVo

    NDS, which has headquarters in the United Kingdom and New York, develops technology such as digital TV smart cards (which store consumer-viewing information), software for cable set-top boxes and digital video recorders for cable, satellite and phone companies across the globe.

    The company reported earlier this week that profits for its fiscal second-quarter increased 17 percent from year ago to $30.3 million, and that sales were up 8 percent to $165 million. For the full fiscal year, which ends in June, ana*ysts are predicting that revenues will increase by 13 percent and that earnings will increase 26 percent.

    Its biggest customer is DirecTV, the satellite TV firm that News Corp. currently owns 39 percent of. However, News Corp. has agreed to swap its stake in DirecTV to John Malone's Liberty Media.

    NDS replaced TiVo as the exclusive supplier of digital video recorders for new DirecTV subscribers in 2005. David Richardson, director of new media and business development liaison to the content industry for NDS, said that the transaction with Liberty Media should not have an effect on NDS' contract with DirecTV.

    Still, NDS's dependence on News Corp.-controlled businesses may be one reason why few investors have heard of the company. After DirecTV, NDS' next biggest customers are BSkyB, the British satellite TV firm that News Corp. owns 39 percent of and Sky Italia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of News Corp. These three companies accounted for nearly 70 percent of NDS' revenues in the six months ending this past December.

    "The overhang for investors is that News Corp. owns so much and accounts for so much business," said Alan Bezoza, an ana*yst with Oppenheimer & Co.

    News Corp. hopes to not 'screw up' MySpace

    But the fact that NDS is not readily known in the U.S. should not be a problem for investors, Bezoza says. He argues that the battle for the DVR set-top box business in the U.S. is not worth fighting since the two leaders, Cisco Systems and Motorola, have turned DVRs into commodities. So NDS' focus on international markets is a smarter strategy, he thinks.

    "There are a whole lot of opportunities outside the U.S. where Motorola's and Cisco's presence is nonexistent," he said. In other markets, NDS primarily competes with Swiss digital security firm Kudelski, which recently acquired a voting stake in interactive TV technology firm OpenTV.

    And Richardson said that the company is steadily gaining new customers outside of the News Corp. family. He said one thing media companies like is that that NDS is happy to be behind the scenes and let its customers use their own brand name, not NDS', on set-top boxes, digital video recorders and other products.

    "We're an infrastructure supplier. If there is one thing we are religious about, it's not to compete with our customers. TiVo failed with DirecTV because it didn't understand that," Richardson said.

    To that end, Richardson said that NDS has been partnering with other media companies as well. It has developed interactive games based on cartoon characters from Viacom-owned Nickelodeon that are available on DirecTV and also supplied technology to a Walt Disney-branded mobile digital media player.

    But Richardson conceded that having News Corp. as its top shareholder sometimes gets in the way of deals. "Attempts at partnerships sometimes run afoul," he said.

    Murdoch may join battle for Tribune

    And as more and more companies tout their own digital TV offerings, Richardson thinks that it will be easier for NDS to tout some of its technology to cable, satellite and phone companies, such as set-top boxes that allow people to watch videos from the Internet, or files stored on their computer, on their TV sets.

    "Apple validates us," said Richardson of Apple's new Apple TV product, hardware that will wirelessly transmit videos, photos and other content from the iTunes library on a user's computer to their television set.

    With all this in mind, both Bezoza and Meron said they think shares of NDS are a good bet. The one big caveat is that the stock is not actively traded. Since News Corp. owns such a large stake, the average daily volume is less than 100,000 shares over the past three months.

    But the stock, which gained 17 percent in 2006, still looks attractively valued. Shares trade at 21 times fiscal 2007 earnings estimates and ana*ysts expect earnings to increase at a 24 percent clip annually, on average, for the next few years.

    "NDS is not a brand name like Motorola or TiVo. It's working behind the scenes and doesn't want to get between the customer and the service. But this is not a bad thing," said Meron. "If you are a long-term investor, this is a really good stock to own."
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    Changes on sat...

    Blinko info card on Türksat 1C @ 42° East
    Tube left Türksat 1C @ 42° East
    TRT 1 - TRT 2 (11175 H) new SR on Türksat 1C @ 42° East
    TRT 3 (11175 H) left Türksat 1C @ 42° East
    On + started programming on Türksat 1C @ 42° East
    T-Shop promo left Türksat 2A @ 42° East
    Link Lucca new SR on Hellas Sat 2 @ 39° East
    Tricolor TV Package (12190 L) new package Eutelsat W4 @ 36° East
    EeZee TV on Eurobird 1 @ 28.5° East
    Price Busters TV left Eurobird 1 @ 28.5° East
    Glory TV on Eurobird 1 @ 28.5° East
    Genesis on Eurobird 1 @ 28.5° East
    R Music TV left Eurobird 1 @ 28.5° East
    Tunis-7 left Badr-C @ 26° East (C Band)
    ATC (11585 V) new PIDs Badr-2 @ 26° East
    ATC - Mix TV (11623 V) new PIDs Badr-2 @ 26° East
    MBC package (11766 H) left Badr-3 @ 26° East
    MBC package (11919 H) new PIDs, new SIDs on Badr-3 @ 26° East
    SuperTech TV info card left Badr-4 @ 26° East
    Aljazeera Package on Badr-4 @ 26° East
    EuroSport FTA again Astra 1H @ 19.2° East
    Calabria Channel on HotBird 7A @ 13° East
    Metropolis TV on HotBird 7A @ 13° East
    Denaro TV on HotBird 7A @ 13° East
    Umbria Channel on HotBird 7A @ 13° East
    Gay TV info card left HotBird 7A @ 13° East
    ORTM on Eutelsat W3A @ 7° East
    Hallmark Channel East Europe (Digi TV) new PIDs on Intelsat 10-02 @ 1° West
    Mediaset package left Atlantic Bird 3 @ 5° West
    Skai TV on Nilesat 102 @ 7° West
    NBN left again Nilesat 102 @ 7° West
    Al Falestinyah - TIS TV - ATC new PIDs Atlantic Bird 2 @ 8° West
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    finally a news in english section. ciao gepeto



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