Sony to close its TV Technology Centre after 44 years
Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Sony Corporation has anounced that it will shut down its Osaki West Technology Centre in Tokyo at the end of March, as it moves its TV operations to new corporate headquarters, reports the Japan Times. The Centre began mass-producing TVs in 1963, and was the place where the famous Trinitron TV range was developed. As recently as 2005, it launched the Bravia flat-screen TV, which saw a revival of fortunes for Sony in the TV market. The facility will be destroyed, and the site used for a new Sony office centre.

(Source: Japan Times)

Andy Sennitt comments: In 1974, when I went to work at BBC Monitoring, I bought a 14-inch Sony Trinitron TV in a wooden case, which was an ideal size for the rather small sitting room I had at the time. More than 20 years later, the TV was still going, and I kept it at my mother’s house in the UK for use when I went to visit. During my time at the World Radio TV Handbook I attended a reception where I was introduced to Sony’s Chairman and co-founder Akio Morita, a charming man and certainly the richest person I have shaken hands with! It was Morita’s persistence that led to his engineers developing the Walkman, after they had told him it would never catch on! Sony was also, of course, the manufacturer of shortwave receivers, and no doubt many listeners to Radio Netherlands continue to listen to us on Sony radios.